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We love our customers. We love empowering them to live better lives. That means more time to do what matters and less time in line. Many registry services can be completed online – just click the links below, where available. But if you prefer to pop downtown, we’re always here and ready to get you in and out in a hurry.

Our Registry Services:

Vehicle Registration

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  • All vehicle services are offered
  • Prorate and fleet services
  • Personalized plates, Support the Troops, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames plates can be ordered
  • Support Our Troops
  • Calgary Flames Plate
  • Edmonton Oilers Plate

To transfer or obtain new plates we require:

  • Proof of ownership: The Bill of Sale (BOS)  or Lease Agreement must be signed by both parties
  • Original documents MUST be presented, no copies or electronic documents are accepted
  • The NVIS (New Vehicle Information Statement) must be presented with the BOS or Lease Agreement for new vehicles
  • Proof of valid insurance (not required for trailers)
  • Valid ID
  • All owners on the ownership document are required to be present or provide authorization for someone else to do the service on their behalf by filling out the official Authorization form

To Renew Your Plates we require:

  • New vehicles: Proof of ownership- original signed Bill of sale or original signed lease agreements. New vehicles also require NVIS and valid insurance
  • Renewals:  previous registration and valid insurance must be provided.
  • If all signing parties cannot attend the office together, you may provide authorization for someone else to do the service on your behalf by filling out the official Authorization form

Lost or stolen plates or registration

If your plates or registration have been lost or stolen the registered owner or owners must be present at the office to replace the missing item. If items are stolen, the owner must produce the case file number assigned by RCMP. A fee may apply.

All registered owners must be present. If not, you may provide authorization for someone else to do the service on your behalf by filling out the official Authorization form

Driver Licensing

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Learners Practice Test

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Drivers Licensing

All driver licence services are to be done in person.

A driver licence must be renewed before it expires. To renew your licence you will need to bring the following:

  • Existing driver licence
  • Second piece of recordable, traceable identification
  • If your class of licence or medical condition requires it, you will need to provide a completed driver medical form

When coming in regarding your driver licence, always be prepared to have your picture taken.

Address Change:

To change your address come into the Registry with your licence and a second piece of ID

Lost or Stolen Driver Licence/ID Card

Please report a lost or stolen driver licence by coming into the Registry with at least two pieces of ID and if stolen, the case file number the RCMP gave you.

Learners’ Test and Knowledge Test

We do all classes of knowledge tests – 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, Air Endorsement (airbrake tests) as well as Safety Fitness exams

Practice BEFORE you test! Use this handy online tool for online practice before your new driver does their learners test, and also purchase “New Driver” signs for your new driver! Get started here!

Persons under 18 must be with a parent (with vaild ID) or guardian, are required to show a birth certificate or a passport, and one other piece of ID and have a parent with them to write/obtain a learners licence or an ID card. To complete a consent form

Persons over 18 are required to show a birth certificate or passport and a second piece of ID, along with proof of Alberta Residency in order to write/obtain a learners licence or an ID card.

See ID Document tab for full list of vaild ID accepted

Road Test Services

Road tests are booked online or in person, and are to be paid in full at time of booking. We offer road tests for all classes includingc class 4, 5, 5 Advanced, 6 & 6 Advanced.

Book your Road Test Now

Drivers Abstract

Personal and commercial abstracts are available

To obtain your Drivers Abstract you can do one of the following:

  1. Visit our office and complete the Request for Personal Driving and Motor Vehicle Information form.
  2. Give consent to someone you know by filling out the Drivers Abstract Consent form and they will have to fill out Statement of Intent Form in our office.
  3. If you are requesting an Alberta Drivers Abstract from out of province, please email our office for help

Fines can be paid cash or debit only and you must produce:

  • Notice of conviction
  • Offence notice
  • The original yellow ticket
  • Copies are not accepted
  • Overdue fines can also be paid

For more information visit


Vehicle Reports

Order Vehicle Info Report  Order Carfax Report

  • Beneficial for exposing the history of damaged or improperly imported vehicle
  • Valuable benefit on a vehicle with a clean history
  • Vehicle Information Reports (Alberta information only)
  • Carproof reports (information for all of North America)

Corporate Registry Services

Search Registry

Stettler Registry has knowledgeable staff on hand with Level 1 accreditation. Some corporate transactions can be done on the spot.

  • Level 1 services which include Annual returns and declaration of Trade names/partnerships.
  • Nuans searches
  • Name changes

Useful Links

Service Alberta – Corporations
RegistrySearch.ca: Corporate Searches

Personal Property

Search Registry


Liens can be registered in the Personal Property system that relate to security interests on these items, or writs of enforcement issued by the courts. They are registered within the Province.

We can perform any Personal Property Searches, and we can register any Personal Property, including Garage Keepers Liens, Security Agreements, Writs of Enforcement, Statutory Charges, and many more.

If you wish to register personal property please visit our office.

Vital Statistics

We provide Vital Statistics documents for the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Legal Change of Name certificate
  • Marriage Licence
  • Death Certificate

To qualify to order certificates or certified copies:

  • You must be personally present in our office
  • Have official Identification
  • Meet eligibility requirements

Marriage Licence

We provide marriage licences to those getting married within Alberta. Marriage licences are valid for 90 days. To obtain a marriage licence:

  • Complete the Marriage Application form
  • Both the Bride and Groom must bring the form back into our office
  • When returning the Marriage Application form to our office bring valid ID
  • If you were previously married and now divorced you will need to provide the original divorce certificate or we will accept a faxed copy Direct from the Court House.

Legal Name Change

To apply for a Legal name change you will need the Legal Name Change Application form. These forms are available at our office.

Change of Name Information Guide

For more information on Legal Name Changes please visit the Service Alberta Government website.

ID, Support Documents & Alberta Residency

To get an Alberta ID card or Driver’s Licence for the first time or a renewal of one that has expired for more than six months:

You will need 1 primary ID, 1 Secondary ID and 2 proofs of residency in Alberta.

Primary ID:
  • Nexus Card
  • Municipal, Provincial, Armed Forces, Indian Status OR Federal Police ID Card
  • Current Canadian Passport (Not Expired)
  • Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency Card
  • Immigration Authorization (for applicants originating from outside Canada) with a Valid Foreign Passport
  • Study Permit or Work Permits (Must have minimum 3 months left on application or permit)
  • Birth Certificate(Canadian)
Secondary ID:
(Support document for the presented primary ID)
  • Provincial/Federal Government ID Card, Armed Forces ID Card, Canadian Citizenship Certificate or Card (Assigned Prior to Feb 2012)
  • Health Care Insurance Card
  • Firearms ID Card
  • Birth Certificate (Canadian)
  • Indian Status Card
  • Marriage Certificate
Proof of Alberta Residency:
(Mail received in your name at your home or other confirmation to show that you reside in Alberta. Must be dated within the last 90 days with your full name and current address.)
  • Alberta Heath Care Statement
  • Telephone bill in client’s name
  • Epcor/Direct Energy Utility bill in client’s name(electronic/online bills accepted)
  • Shaw/Satelite TV or Cable bill in client’s name(electronic/online bills accepted)
  • Paystub showing client’s name and address
  • Original Letter from Employer or Company Letterhead
  • Official ORIGINAL Lease/Rental Agreement
  • Bank Statement that has been MAILED to your residence
    ***Print outs from online banking or print outs from the bank with a stamp will NOT be accepted***
  • Property Tax bill, Land title or mortgage papers

Note: If you are under 18 Years of age, Parental Consent is required.

Land Title

Using your legal land description we can do:

  • Land Title Searches (surface and mineral)
  • Historic Land title Searches
  • Land Title Document Searches
  • Discharges

Legal Land Descriptions can be found on county maps, tax notices, gas or power bills, and at the municipal office.

Land Title Registration Services

  • Removing a deceased owners name from a joint title
  • Having your bank mortgage discharged
  • Changing your name or address on your land title
  • Transfer of Land

Passport & ID Photos

  • We request that you wear dark clothing
  • All Photos require a neutral expression. No smiling and the mouth must remain completely closed
  • Do not wear headbands, hats, glasses, or shiny makeup
  • We do not take photos of infants
  • Toddler photos will be taken at our discretion

We ask that you specify which type of photo you require when you arrive at the office.

At the Stettler Registry we are able to do photos for:
  • Canadian Passports
  • FAC
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Passports and Visas of several other countries
Photos for foreign documents and for documents not on the list, we request that you bring the size requirements of the photo with you.

Useful Links:

Passport Canada Website
Canadian Firearms Program
Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Permanent Residency

Raffle Licenses

We can provide Raffle Licences up to $20,000.

A Raffle Licence authorizes non-profit charitable or religious organizations or service to a community to sell tickets for prize draws, cash draws or 50/50 draws.

Rules and eligibility differ depending on the total ticket value. See below for a complete list of Raffle Licence guidelines:


Document Translation

We offer certified document translastion into multiple languages. Sign up and pay online!

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Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us and we will do our best to direct you.